The Human Side of IT | Intech Canton, Ohio IT

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The Human Side of IT

We understand that IT professionals aren’t much help if you can’t communicate with them.


   We pick up the phone. With Intech, you won't wait on hold endlessly and our technicians answer the phone - not a secretary who takes a message to call you back. 

   We work as a team. The Intech team is trained to work together instead of individually. It keeps our response times low because you don’t have to wait for one single person to support your network.

   We document our work. Every service request is meticulously documented so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Clients can review our work at any time via our customer portal, and every service ticket is emailed to the primary company contact upon completion.

  We work alongside you. Our team understands the need for information systems to be cost-effective and fit your budget. While the “latest and greatest” might be cool, it’s not always practical. Since we operate a business too, it’s easy for us to understand the need for reasonable technology.

  We speak English. You get the idea.


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