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With TechOne, you get an IT team on your side for one flat rate.

Align our strategic strategies.
If you think about the way most outsourced IT companies work, it seems backwards. They get paid to fix problems only when you’re not making money. We call this the "break-fix" model because issues are only fixed after they're broken. 

TechOne aligns our strategic strategies by providing a fixed-fee service. No more "break-fix."  We provide the necessary tools and resources to keep your IT infrastructure at its peak, and then we are incentivized to never let your network go down.  Plus we grow when you grow – pricing is based on the number of PCs and servers on your network, and you can add or remove devices at any time.

Save money.
Consider the cost of hiring your own IT staff. A competitive salary for a competent IT employee costs around $5,000/month with benefits. They can only effectively support around 80 PCs, plus they need an office and probably drink all your coffee. 

TechOne can lower your payroll expenses by 15% or more!  Plus the program scales with your business. You only pay for the PCs and servers you need to support.

Help with the small things.
If you pay for technical support on an hourly basis, employees are less likely to get help with the “small things.” This can negatively impact the effectiveness of your work force.  

TechOne includes unlimited employee help. We’re here to answer even the smallest questions - such as “How do I setup an email signature?”, “Can I secure a document on our network?”, or “Why do I get this error message every time I turn on my computer?”

Hire a team, not an individual.
If you hire a single IT person, they will have days off. So if a technology issue comes up, you have no backup personnel to take their place. Who will make sure your server backup runs at night? Who will reset a password when an employee gets locked out? Who will respond when an employee can’t send an e-mail? 

With TechOne, you get an entire IT team. We're ready to help when you need it most.

Monitor backups of your critical data.
Whether your server is in the cloud or on premise, you will never know if your backups fail unless you monitor them. You may also never know if a server hard drive fails until it’s too late. 

Our TechOne software monitors over 2,000 different network metrics to ensure we are alerted (and respond) to almost any type of failure.

Free remote control software
Employees can remotely control their TechOne PCs via the TechOne247 portal, or with our free apps.  



Manage your network assets.
Do you keep an accurate inventory of all your IT assets? You should!

TechOne includes an up-to-date listing of all your PCs and servers. We keep record of each PC and server with all the details - processor speed, amount of memory, hard drive space, installed software - and much more. It will even tell us the date it was placed in service so we know when it’s time to upgrade. 


Maintain your IT infrastructure.
Recent studies have found that nearly 1/3 of IT administrators do not test their backups. Most simply don’t have the time, or they believe that their backup procedures do not need to be tested.  Most businesses also do not remove user accounts for employees that leave the company – which creates a security risk because former employees are left with access to business-critical data.

TechOne includes monthly maintenance routines that includes testing your backups, double-checking server health, as well as periodic reviews of user accounts.


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