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Hosted email security for Exchange mail servers

powered by Barracuda Networks

Spam Protection

Our iNFilter service combines seven layers of intelligent filtering to ensure spam is blocked with the highest degree of accuracy. We don’t simply “whitelist” or “blacklist” domains and senders. We utilize the world’s leading spam and threat organization - Barracuda Central – to accurately detect spam and block it.

Virus Protection

iNFilter uses three power layers of virus scanning technology to detect and mitigate virus threats from reaching your server. Our cloud-based solution ensures that we check the messages for email-borne viruses before you have to deal with the hassle of lost bandwidth and productivity.

Email Spooling

We will queue mail for up to 72 hours in case your on-site server or internet connection goes down. Then, when the connection is restored, we can either manually push all pending messages at once, or let iNFilter automatically throttle the messages at a consistent rate.

Encrypted Email

iNFilter supports secure email sending. Simply tag the subject of your email with the word “Secure:” and will automatically intercept the message, store it on a secure website, then deliver a message to the recipient letting them know there is a message waiting for them. Recipients then click a link to sign in and retrieve their email.

Mail Server Lock Down

Since all of your email is scanned through iNFilter, network administrators can lock down their mail servers to only receive email from us. They can then rest easy knowing that their network is not exposed to the entire outside world.

Simple pricing

iNFilter starts at only $1/month per mailbox. There’s no contract to sign. Cancel at any time.